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Welcome to this - temporary - Holoversity learning website.

    Here you can find, and follow, the lessons by Matti Pitkänen.

      You find a brief summary per session, plus the audio/video recording.

        More material will be added in future.

TGD: Topological Geometric Dynamics
A 8-Dimensional formulation for physics, biology and consciousness


    Matti Pitkänen studied mathematics and physics - seeking to understand the logic of music.
    He realised that ‘sloppy mathematics’ was the reason for the illogicality of continuum and non-continuum models in physics (symmetry and Symmetry Break).
    He studied the problem, and found the solution in New Mathematics (Number Theory, and Number Physics).
    He calls his solution TGD (Topological Gemetric Dynamics); which applies to mathematics, physics, biology, and consciousness.

The Interviews:

Each interview page has the notes we made during the conversation.
Attached to every interview-overview are added insights.
Some are email exchanges, elaborating ideas which were discussed.
Some are URL’s pointing to where more information may be found.

    The interviews are collected and will be presented in the, in the section /matti.pitkanen.
    Notes accompany every interview; so that others can learn from this also.
    Overall, this will be a course in understanding the research and findings of Matti Pitkänen.
    As told by Matti himself; with reference to his books and websites as needed.

    It is an open curriculum.
    You are welcome to enroll.
    Just follow the links you find here.
    And enjoy the experience of sciencing: witnessing science in the making.

The Curriculum

Matti Pitkänen designed a Core Curriculum to get to understand his work:

  1. Classical TGD
  2. Quantum TGD
  3. New Physics
  4. New Mathematics

Turning points

    It took Matti Pitkänen 35+ years to develop the integral TGD theory.
    This work was done outside of academic settings, to ensure independent research.
    Fruitless quests, as usual in research, formed part of this research project.
    For those who wish to understand this work, it is necessary to understand the Turning Points, where Matti Pitkänen needed other solution than the standard options.

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