Thoughts on Thoughts Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

The following text explains the process of thinking.
It does not explain how you think, by using freedom of choice.
Instead, it explains how consciousness operates in the body, in the (trans)formation of information (in formation).
It links wave nodes in phase space to atomolecules, to bio-circuits, to cell body manifestation/materialisation.

    The following text is based on the insights described in the previous essays.
    Cosmology, formation of life, manifestation of consciousness, and Bio-Logics all come together.
    Although we can describe the consequence of Freedom of Choice in our body materials, we can not describe the operation of freedom of choice itsels.
    That does not matter because the operation of freedom of choice is immaterial; you do it in living in your own body.

  • Reality is the mental landscape
  • Carved by the currents of beliefs
  • Formed by the flows of thoughts
  • Precipitated by your Freedom of Choice


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