Remedy Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

Science of Life - a way our of Kali Yuga

In India the current era is known as Kali Yuga.
It is the era of the principle ('goddess') of death.
It is what we presently see in western society and science.
It is a culture obsessed with death and killing; based on a science of dead matter.

Science of Life offers a remedy.
It shows that life is about freedom of choice.
The only way to learn to use it, is to use it and to respect that other use it also
And to understand that freedom of choice is characteristic property of ALL life forms.

You experience life in your own body.
The life in your body is based on you having freedom of choice.
The Art is living lies in the act of creation; as creator as part of creation.
That, together with the respect for, and respecting, all other life forms in the same manner.

The Science of life helps understand life, love, consciousness ane health.
The Science of Life offer a foundation for Health Care: as caring for health.
It also is a remedy, against parasiting profiting off the diseases of others.
It is an invitation to invest in health, in life, by you using your Freedom of Choice.

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