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Lasing properties in Cell Division

O#o van Nieuwenhuijze

Cell division relates to a curious property of intercellular coherence. Cell rhythms are interconnected. Individual cells therein have their individual rhythms, yet they are part of a share vibrational substrate also.

Cell division can - in a crude way - be imagined as a process in which a cell is carved from a solid substrate, cf. scooping a ball of ice cream from a block. The ball shape is compatible with the curved horn shape of the area around it. In the case of cell division it can be seen that at the same time that horn shapes curve also reforms, deforms and transforms into a sphere; in a mirroring process.

Also, the formation and transformation of the two 'new' cells are part of an integral process of manifestation (materialisation) from within. It is not an analytical process, but part of a dynamic of synthesis. Materials from our context are therein used to  manifest new tangible forms.

From a mathematical persecutive each new cell can be compared to a Loop Integral; a Green Function delimiting a specified region of space. It is remarkable that calculations of cosmology show that the size of our living cell lies midway between the size of the uniVerse as a whole, and the subatomic domain.

To be continued ...




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