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Time and Timing in our Body and Life

Time and Timing in our Body and Life
O#o van Nieuwenhuijze

Chapter 23 in the Festschrift for the 10 year anniversary
of the Fractal research Institute of Susy Vrobel

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The cells in our body all synchronise their action 1) on basis of their common origin and 2) in correspondence with changes in our context; of which we form integral part. The Time Fractal helps is better understand this interaction, and helps understand Time Base diseases.

1. Introduction

One day i heard Susie Vrobel (1) talk about the Time Fractal (2005). This chapter describes its importance for understanding Life. For me, the Time Fractal offers a direct handle of my work on the 4D nature of time (2). This is of direct importance to understand not just how something can exist, but also how it comes into being and ceases to exist.
The following story describes how the Time Fractal can be used to understand the way the cells in our body synchronise what they do in their context. The Time Fractal also helps understand how the body organs synchronise their function, in our changing context. The Time fractal thereby offers the basis for a model of the explicit formulation and understanding of Health. Not just the health of the cells in our body, the organs, or the health of our whole body, but also the health of society. Humanity as a whole functions in the same manner as our body. Just as our body is composed of cells, so humanity is composed of individual humans. The Time Fractal is of use also in enhancing social interactions.

(The text makes use of layout-coding. Some of the sentences in the text are the equivalent of mathematical operators. Bold is used to group matrix components; italic is used for indicating variables in a set and underline as vectors to link to other operators (paragraphs) elsewhere. They are used for emphasis also.)

This chapter presents some fundamental ideas about the origin of the universe. This is needed to point out the relationship of time as part of the 4D complex it forms part of: Consciousness, Energy, Time and Space. The story then continues with a description of the way the time fractal helps understand the complex organisation of our body. The body anatomy is based not on energy and matter, but on the synchronisation of living cells. Anatomy, physiology, neurocrine regulation and information integration form one integral unity. The third part of the story makes explicit how all the cells of our body are part of one integral unfolding dynamic. Cells, organs, our body and humanity are one integral system. This is the basis of health. This extends the interpretation, thus meaning, of the Time Fractal in our body. A Virtual Time component needs to be included (This is also the basis for understanding the meridian and chackra system in our body). Finally the story takes us to a pragmatic interpretation of the meaning of the Time Fractal in our body: the existence of Time Base Diseases. Changes in cell rhythms, changes in organ rhythms, changes in circadian body rhythms, and the time of life of a person are therein all interrelated.

The conclusion will be simple: The Time Fractal (1), of which I heard Susie Vrobel speak on that day, helps us understand the complex 4D time processes in our body in a very straightforward manner. It thereby offers a handles on resolving a complex group of diseases: diseases of disturbed time base. This can be succinctly described in a simple model: the relationship in the time dynamics between one cell and another. In realising that, in our body, all cells therein have a common basis, we also have a direct understanding of the nature of health in our body. Susie Vrobel's Time Fractal thereby helps bring pour understanding of medicine a vital step forward. We can understand the basis of the maintenance of integrity of our living body, in a changing context.

2.  Space, Time, Energy & Consciousness

  • Time does not have a reality unto itself. It is part of a 4D Unity: STEC (3)
    (Space-Time–Energy-Consciousness); in which our involvement matters.

Time is measured by cycles of repetition: clocks, planetary revolutions, atomic cycles. This means that time is connected to continuity, of cycles. The perception of Time depends upon the presence of an observer. Without observer, and repetition (continuity), we do not experience time as we customarily know it. There are other forms of time, such as of a system in creation, or in system decay. We know this as life and death. In these cases the measure of time is chronically changing. It means we cannot gauge time without defining a time base. Figure 1 shows a schematic representation of a time object: it has 1) a Time Base, with 2) a defined variational range, which 3) has a Critical Time border, where 4) it is separated from other Time Objects by a Time Leap/Gap.


    Figure 1. The Definition of an Object in Time.

    • 1) Time Base
    • 2) Variational Vital Range
    • 3) Critical Timing Leap - Gap phase
    • 4) Environment Time Base

In the following story we need to understand this in a general manner: the time of our life, and our life time, is not regulated by the dynamic of clocks. It is based on the living cell dynamics, of intelligent cells. In understanding the measure of time in our body we must take into account how our body was born, and can die.
This turns out to connect the time in our body to the materials of our body, but also to the exchange of processes and their rhythms by which we are connected into our context.
We need to understand the time in our body, with respect to the energy on which the time dynamics is based. This again we need to relate to the phase space synchronisation of our body as part of our context. It means that time is but one aspect of the description. We need to understand time in its origins of energy transformation, as part of the information integration as our body is always part of our context. Time as such thus does not exist on its own. It is always related to the process dynamics of the interaction of the Living participant Observer. This is seen in its most explicit form by looking at the role of Time in our living body; in the synchronisation of living cells. Space-Time–Energy-Consciousness is an integral 4D Unit(y), STEC (3). Their relationship needs to be made explicit, because each of the components reflects on our interpretation/experience of the Time domain.

There is no easy version of the next part of the story. We have been taught to think about the universe the wrong way around. The current customary story is that we live in a material universe. Science refers to matter in describing what is held to be real. That is not correct. Matter is composed of Molecules, composed from Atoms, which are composed by subatomic fields of Vibration. Matter is immaterial. There is no physical basis for what we known. All is Phasical: Phase Space is the only basis for the reality that we are part of. As Quantum theory put it: Reality is a Realisation. Our involvement determines our perception ("Collapse of the vector of State"). It means that we cannot regard reality as if material. Matter is but one of the forms of manifestation of phase in formation: information.

We were told everything backwards; we need to turn it all around.

  • Matter is made of Molecules, made of Atoms, made of Information (Phase space).
  • Structure is thus the result of Process, which is a result of Transformation, which is a form of Integration.
  • Space is form of Time, which is a form of Energy, which is a form of Information.

This can be condensed into the following understanding:

  • Consciousness is the basis of Energy, which is the basis for Time, which is the basis of Space.

It means that all our descriptions and formulations need to be rewritten, in science and all that is based on science. In fact it means that science now has come to the place where it originally started, in opposing the approach of religion. Science has now come to conclude that information (spirit) is the basis of manifestation. Cosmology is the contemporary version of the ongoing story of creation: out of the Information (phase) space, there was a shock wave (energy) which created Cosmic Gas (ionised matter), which precipitated into recursive patterns (cyclicity, a.k.a. Time) which we known now as the Stellar Process; which then again led to a next phase of condensation of Planet formation.
Space, Time and Energy are different modes of aggregation of Phase.

  • Consciousness (Phase Space information), Energy, Time and Space are all interrelated aspects of this process of manifestation. It is a dynamic of Phase (re)organisation.

As is the case for the Four Fundamental Forces of Physics: they are merely different aspects of the same essence. The difference is perspective (involvement) are the basis for the differences in manifestation (realisation). As mentioned: there is no simple way to describe it: we are part of the universal process of creation. And our involvement matters. It also means that we can never describe the actual ongoing process, because of limitations of language and communication. Due to the 4D nature of interwovenness of consciousness, energy, time and space, we need to describe our own involvement (realisation) in any (reality) description (4). As this is not currently customarily the case ... there is no simple way to describe this. However: we do experience it; we are part of it. Thus instead we can focus our description of our experience of creation.

The next section describes how we experienced it in the way our body came into existence; the 3rd section thereafter describes hoe we experience it in the way we interact with our body. The final 4th section describes what goes wrong when we make mistakes in those interactions.
The conclusion of this 1st section is important: in what follows whatever is described in terms of Time, (as the Time Domain), is actually a formulation of a particular resonant mode of energy transformation, which is but one of the modes of expression in emergence of information (change of coherence of phase). In other words:

  • Time is a form of Energy, which in itself is but a mode of Information in formation.

2) Body Time – Cell Synchronisation

The metric of time in our body is based on our cell dynamics. Everything in our body is based on cell dynamics. The following describes this as the interrelationship between body, mind, soul and spirit:
Body: The physical body structure of which we are told that it 'is’ our body (Anatomy) is created and secreted by living body cells. (It is a consequence, not a cause.)
Mind: The process of our body cell dynamics composes what we know as our mental process: the exchange of materials and information between our living cells, and their context (Physiology).
Soul: These process dynamics are variable but stable. The internal cell exchange and dynamics is in balance with the context always. This is known as the Soul body (Regulatory System); it which calibrates and maintains the cell process dynamic in relationship to our context.
Spirit: The most important level however is that of preservation of information. The dynamics of our body must match the dynamics of the context (Information Integration System). If not, we become sick, and die.

  • Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit are all interconnected. Yet they are all merely aspects of the functioning of the cells in our body.

What we know as our Anatomy, Physiology, Regulatory system and Intelligence, are simply the various system aspects of the functioning of our body: the Structural level, the level of Time processes, the level of Energy transformation, and the level of Information integration.

Although this is commonly understood - also to some extent in medical science - it is not realised that the integrity of this system is not based on the structure of the body, but on the integrity of information integration within, and between, living cells.

Our body functioning is based on the synchronisation between cells. Atomic resonance frequencies are phase-locked into molecular complexes, operating as vibrating cellular units on forming the whole body dynamics. This dynamic coherence operates not just at the level of the momentary body functions, but also in the way the body developed out of our ancestors and previous life forms. We need to understand how our body was formed.

  • There are two parts to that story, and both are important for the understanding of time in our body.
  • The first part of the story is the long term perspective: it is about the way our body was created as part of the manifestation of the cosmos (see above) and the emergence of all life forms.
  • The second part of the story involves the formation of your specific unique physical body.

The following summarises some aspects of the history of your body to help appreciate the relevance and role of the Time Fractal to be able to describe this.
Please bear in mind that we always need to understand the time and timing in the living body cell, in its context. The development of the human species is part of the development of all life forms, the planet and the cosmos.

Emergence of molecules of Life
We can see that the time processes of our body can be traced back from DNA from proteins from amino acids that formed out of primordial gasses on primordial Earth. The process dynamics of Earth is thus in-built in our body.

DNA memory record
Bruce Lipton (5) described how the experience of every person is recorded into the DNA of our cells. Covering our DNA there is a layer of Mantle protein which transcribes (onto your DNA) the dynamics of the Linking protein which co-ordinates the activities of your sensor proteins and portal proteins on your cell membranes. DNA is thus an archive record of experience of life on Earth, and (in rare cases) a back-up record for restoring cell function.

Symbiosis of life forms
Lynn Margulis (6) has described that we can understand the origin of our human Eukaryote cell from the symbiosis of four different types of microbes.

Cell Fusion
At each step of your history, you had two ancestors who combined egg and sperm. Millions of people, ancestors, are involved in (y)our creation.


    Figure 2. The Time Fractal as Trace of Zygote Cell Division.
    (In inverse this can be used to describe the process of ancestral cell fusion.)
    In each stage the memory the previous stage still exists as a memory (an internal relation). This makes the mechanism of memory explicit. Also, it shows that Real and Imaginary aspects both play a role: the Time Fractal is a Complex Vector Matrix.

Zygote cell division
Your whole body is based on a sequence of divisions of your first body cell, the Zygote. Every body cell, every organ, and your whole body unfolded from that initial cell. It is the pattern of cell division, from the first cell onward. This specifies the position and characteristics of every body cell (7).

The Time Fractal in our Body
Every cell in our body can be traced back from its unfoldment of the Zygote. The origin of the Zygote can be traced back from the fusion of cells; from your ancestors and previous life forms.
The Time Fractal offers a means to – conceptually - graphically represent this. It means that the Time Fractal serves a tool for research on the integrity of your cell in its context, throughout the various phases of its formation and creation.
Technically the Time Fractal is a scalar, unfolding to a complex domain vector, thence unfolding again as a complex space matrix (in 4D Dual Minkovsky space (3); 4 components in Space, and 4 in Time. Therein 3 Time components are Imaginary, as is 1 Space component.)

Time Architecture
This brings out the full richness and meaning of the concept of the Time Fractal (1). The concept of the Time Fractal makes it possible to trace the origin of every cell of our body back to its emergence from the Zygote, and understand how the Zygote itself was formed out of earlier cell fusions.
In this approach, we need to understand the process of cellular division as a complexed branched chain reaction. (This pertains to the development of a wide range of interrelated body cells, instead of the more usual limited interpretation as a reaction cascade of chemical products.)

The Time Fractal helps understand the properties of the unique living cells. All cells have their own specific Time Base. From their development, from the Zygote, we can infer that all cell Time Bases are interrelated. The body as a whole is a Symphony of cell dynamics. It is a coherent phase organisation. (Bio-Hologram (8)): all vibrational patterns of all cells are interrelated. The body as a whole is a result (and manifestation) of their common vibration (9).

The Time Fractal offers a basic method to understand the complexity of the Bio-Hologram in a more simple manner: as the unfoldment of a Time Fractal (7).

Cell Synchronisation – the Gap Phase
This we can see in the functioning of the individual cells: in the cell cycle we see the Gap Phase. This is a pause in the time cycle of cell division. It is a requirement for cell synchronisation in a multi-cell complex (organs, the body). Therein all cell dynamics are interrelated. The first cell, the Zygote, has its own particular time base. In dividing, the Zygote also divides its Time Base amongst more cells. This sets the Time Architecture of the body as a whole; each stage of division maps the temporal (cell) dynamics onto the spatial of the body.

Time Fields in our Body
The Time Base of each ensuing cell differs from the cells it derived from. This defines the Time Fractal of cellular division. In the body as a whole all cells are time-base connected. The Gap Phase in cell division serves for cell synchronisation for continuation of the cycle. In this moment cell dynamics await a synchronisation pulse from their context. Oriental Medicine makes use of body cell synchronisation (the Meridian System) for the preservation of the integrity of the dynamics of the body.

Body Materials – liquid crystals
That the Time Fractal is important in our body is seen also in the plasticity of the body materials. Nearly all are Liquid Crystals. Although Western medicine has taken the perspective of regarding the physical structure as the basis for describing the body, from the body itself it can be seen that all body materials are secreted by living cells, and are the consequence of living cell dynamics. The interchange between material phases in our body demonstrates that the most important level of our body functioning is not matter but information integration. (See above).

Synchronisation for Synergy for Syngnosis
All body materials are responsive to our processing of information. The body time process dynamics are relevant: they determine the speed by which different signals can be recorded and processed. This is the basis of the memory capacity of our living body. The body time processes to thus must be understood as subsidiary to the more important level of energy transformation in the body. This however merely serves to substantiate the information integration between the living cells in our body, and our context (Syngnosis).
Time, and timing in our body is but a means for the preservation of bodily health.

3) Health & Timing

The unfoldment of our whole body from one single cell is possible only because they remain one functional unit. The body is the unfolded Zygote. The Time Fractal makes this explicit. This makes the Time Fractal a powerful tool for research. It makes it possible to obtain an integral understanding of Health (7).

The multiplicity of the complex temporal body dynamics can all be traced back to the unfoldment from one single cell. The body is a temporal hologram (phase space organisation) constructed from the unfoldment of one time fractal. (The double-shafted arrow in Figure 3.)


    Figure 3. The system definition is physical, as a result of an underlying temporal separation. In the physical domain, every boundary is a separator and connector. In the temporal domain, every boundary is a filter for linking/separating internal/external processes of/for the system.

The interplay between all body cells is an explication of the interplay that pre-existed in the Zygote. In this connotation it is clear that this also determines the interplay between all our body organs. Rather than regarding our organs as separate - as is done by western somatic medicine - it can be seen that they all form aspect of one ongoing temporal cycle - as described by oriental medicine. Every organ therein has a place, and a musical note (time base frequency), in an ongoing transformative cycle in which the exchange between the body and the context is maintained.
The interplay between people also can be described on the same basis. All our interactions take place on the basis of (temporal) processes in our body. Synchronisation (synergy, and syngnosis) between people is thus based on the same dynamics as that of the unfoldment of the Zygote.

This adds a different level of understanding of the Time fractal in the body: there are levels in which the unfolding zygote interacts with its origin in the form of time cycle harmonics. The organ cycle, and the metabolomes (molecular exchanges between related cell groups) are examples. The notation of the Time Fractal makes it possible to discern time loops and time cycles in our body. (In part 4 this is used to identify the existence of time based diseases in the body) The living body is not determined by the material by which it is seen, but by the stability of the processes by which those materials are secreted.

At a practical level this means that we need to discern the time architecture of the living body. This encompassed the resonant time base of the local system, its variational set of vibrations in its stability range, the critical frequencies of bandwidths by which it interlocks with/in, or unlocks from its changing context, and the potential set of frequencies from which new wave forms can emerge.

Especially with the new understanding of physics, it makes no sense to regard the living body as a material object. We know that all materials are secreted by living cells. What matters is the manner in which these cells are all interrelated, and together define the dynamic integrity of the whole body. We thus need to regard the body as one integral whole, and a flexible resonant field of vibrations.

This resonant phase field must match the frequency patterns and characteristics of the field from which it emerged. If this is not the case, the wave integration will collapse and the living body will disintegrate within its context. (This is a complex form of “the collapse of the vector of state” in Quantum Physics. Life is based on operating this ‘collapse’.)
Life and death depends on the fractal of time, and timing. We must thus not only regard the body cells, but also the way they cell processes are shared between cells, organs, the whole body, people  and our context.

  • The Time Fractal will need to become a major field of research in medicine.

4) Time Base Diseases.

Part 1 showed that Time is a form of energy; which helps define the organisation of space. Consciousness (information) is the basis of energy (3). What we are dealing with are different modes of phase information; in formation. This is seen explicitly in the interaction between living cells.
Part 2 made explicit that all living body cells emerged out of division of the Zygote.
Part 3 then spelled out that these cells all maintain their connections, in sharing not only their same starting point, but also a shared time base.

This 4th section spells out that this can lead to diseases of Time Base. Of this there are many examples, such as circulatory problems, gall stones or kidney stones, memory problems, appendicitis and cancer. It is all based on the common basis: two cells in interaction together create a shared Time Base. This we can represent by a time fractal (Figure 3).
When there is a disruption in the unfoldment of the Time Fractal, the interrelated harmonics are replaced by disharmonics. We can see that as a shift in the temporal boundary definitions (Figure 4).
The temporal boundary is the process interface in which processes of the system and the context are yes/no connected. (This is part of the System Singularity set. The System Singularity Set has a very specific temporal component. It determines trans-cellular temporal continuity, by synchronisation.)


    Figure 4. Cells are temporally linked to their origin; and to their present. The reciprocity of the forward and backward timeline must be in balance with the cell dynamic balance in the present; between all cells and their context. (Space - Time Duality).

Any temporal object has a system definition in which the bandwidth for connecting processes is limited. This means that the system is systematically separated from its surrounding. This is a dynamic interference pattern; which determines the boundary of the system.

When this separation is lost, the internal processes and external processes start to con-fuse. The Regulatory System of the body is very specific in the way it accounts for this. System Regulation is based on the dissolution and resolution of the boundary of the system (10).
Instead of describing this as the re-setting of the boundary of the system (i.e. the (un)linking of processes that connect the body and its context) this can be described also in terms of shifts in the Time Fractal of the unfoldment of our body.

  • This is the basis for the definition for Time base diseases in our body.

Every cell has its own eigen-time-base. Its rhythms determine its proper function. This function is not defined by the cell by itself. It is based by the node and branch and circuit of the Time Fractal of the Bio-Hologram of the body (8). All intercellular interactions are part of this dynamic. The Time Fractal defines this dynamic at the local level also: within the cell interactions.

Drawing a line, from the core of the cell to the cell membrane, brings the time vector of that cell time base to a moment of bifurcation: the inner rhythms of the cell are interconnected with the rhythms of its context. For the survival of the cell it is important that these ‘separate’ sets of rhythms remain connected. Every ell membrane is separator AND connector. It means that the integrity of the cell as dynamic function is seen by ‘reading the time fractal in reverse’. It spells the fusion of different rhythms, onto one common integral coherent time (phase) base.

Health and healing thus has to do with process coherence; thus with time base integration. Each instant the process dynamics must match the history of the dynamics of the time line of system unfoldment. (Time Fractal inversion). This can be understood as the need for each individual cell to integrate and unify the internal time rates and rhythms with its context. This calls for the understanding of each living cell as a symphonic harmonic. Like a hologram: it must be a coherent base of modulations of phase. It is a 'standing wave' of phase space vibrations.
Bearing this in mind, the body as a whole is one whole field of vibrations, in which every cell spells a node. Every cell is thus part of the overall field of vibrations, and a vibrational field in itself. They are connected by their shared time base. The Time Fractal1 is a crucial tool for description of the integrity of this system time dynamic.

This being the case, the same formulation of the Time Fractal can help understand what happens when the symphony of harmonising vibrations in the wave field of living cells gets disturbed. The symphony becomes cacophony, and the time base field loses coherence. It becomes incoherent. The natural constructive interference pattern becomes a destructive interference pattern. Vibrations no longer synchronise and synergise, but de-energise: they drain synchrony, thus energy, from the whole and local system. This is due to loss of integrity of the time base.

Some examples can be given. Medical lore describes gall stones as “the result of a small stone that blocks the outflow of the gall bladder. The stagnated flow causes massive bile stone formation”. Invert this line of thinking: if for whatever reason the outflow of the bile duct is stagnated, the gall stones can form. (Bile is a liquid crystal.) The same is the case for kidney stones. Likewise appendicitis can result from stagnation in the natural peristaltic rhythms of the appendix. (Microbes are sealed off and cause inflammation.) Diarrhoea and constipation are the result of change of rhythm of peristalsis. Menstruation can have irregularities in flow and discharge when the natural monthly cycle of peristalsis is disturbed. Cold limbs and hot flushes are changes in the rate of circulatory rhythm in the body. Migraines and other symptoms of accumulated tension likewise are expression of a change in the balance of the natural rhythms. Cancers are based on cells functioning out of rhythm with their context. There are many other diseases are based on the loss of shared rhythms of the cells in their context.

The Time Fractal helps to make explicit that ultimately the basis of the whole body organisation is the synchonisation of cell rhythms, in an integral system in which all cells originate from one common cell, and share one basic cell rhythm. As part of an integral resonant system.

The understanding of the importance of Timing makes it possible to identify and rectify time base diseases in our body. Traditional forms of healing know this and use this. The meridian system and chackra system are examples of this understanding. Acupuncture points and Chakra points are locations for inducing a phase shift in the timing and assembly of body rhythms. Acupuncture uses an acupuncture point to resolve the spasm of the appendix. The inflamed appendix then can discharges its stagnated bacterial content into the gut lumen to resolve the problem. Likewise the resynchronisation of cancer has been resolved by inverting the polarity of the surrounding electrical charge field (11). This is why we need to understand the time rhythms of our body in relationship to the synergy (not energy) between living body cells. Local cell function needs to be understood as part of the integral vibration field that all the cells form part of. (All cells originated from the same original cell, the zygote, as part of the same Time Fractal.)


It is immaterial to regard our living body as a material object. It is a symphony of living cells, which together form the integrity of our body. That integrity disintegrates (12) when the rhythms of the body no longer match the dynamics of the environment that we live in. This cannot be understood from the perspective of the physical structure of the body (which is a 'deposit' of materials from living vibrating cells). It needs to be understood on the basis of the ongoing cell dynamic. All cells are interconnected, by their common origin from the Zygote. The Time Fractal offers a tool to see how the part relates to the whole.

From the perspective of the Zygote the Time Fractal traces the rhythms of the cell unfolding to form the individual rhythms of each cell in our body.
From the perspective of any individual cells, the Time Fractal specifies how its eigen time base rhythms relate to its dynamics in its context. Inversely we can use the Time Fractal to see and understand how vibrations from our context are attuned, assimilated, and integrated into the vibrational pattern (coherent system time base) of our integral body. If this does not happen, the temporal conjunction at the temporal interface causes a temporal disjunction. The body disintegrates, locally, along specific time fractals, thence in local or regional time circuits, and ultimately the whole body time base network collapses. This is a formal definition for disease and death.

The Time Fractal thus helps to understand our body at a much more basic level of its existence and dynamics. This is of fundamental importance for our understanding of health and healing7.


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