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The Basis of Healing - Energy Forms and Transforms

The basis of Healing
Energy Forms & Energy TransForms
O#o van Nieuwenhuijze


Our Living Body is based on the synergy of cells. In healing, Synergy needs to replace the notions of Energy in science. In our body, solid, liquid, gas and plasma are all interrelated. In living beings, solid, liquids, gasses and information are all interrelated. The principle can be shown in four images: 1) clasped hands), 2) two fists, thumbs parallel, 3) two fists, rotated, and 4) two hand touching, dancing with each other.
What we need, for our body, is a scientific equation for an energy-in-formation, which is based on the notion of information in formation. Like electromagnetism (electricity and magnetism), it needs to address a tangible form, and a non-tangible form, a Field and a State. Each of these four needs to be separately described, and made explicit. Together they can help understand our body.
From the equation it will then be clear that our body is not an object, but a process(ing) of information.
The energy form of the body is the result of the energy transformation. It is a manifestation of a process of information in formation.
What we need is a description in which the computation of information can be seen to be the basis of the body manifestation. "It is not the body that makes us think, but the thinking that makes our body".


Our culture presently experiences serious problems as a result of an error in philosophy. Classical science studied the properties of matter. Now however reality, life and people are regarded as if subject to those material laws. In science this error has already been corrected: Classical science was replaced by the Theory of Relativity, which focused on processes rather than reality states. This again was replaced by Quantum Theory which addresses Energy Transforms and thereby transcends the Relativistic Processing limitations. Now work is done on Field theory, which aims to demonstrate that Energy is a form of (Phase) Information, in formation.

Science has transformed in order to be able to describe this. Physics is no longer based on our understanding of the physicality of mater. Physics is based on mathematics. The Objects have been replaced by Abstracts. The Concreteness of Physics is based on Subjects: the manipulations of collective symbols in the individual scientist’s minds. In society we see the same principles at work as we experience in our bodies: matter is used for the communication of information. Within our body the Food Chain continues. All the food we eat is nutrients for our cells: simultaneously information and matter. In our body we can see - over billions of years, that it is the information that created the body; not the other way around. What we experience in our gut as the break down of food, is the inverse of the creation and manifestation of our body.

Cosmogenesis describes the process of material manifestation. The principles described there are found in our body. Phase Space, also known as the Void, underwent an inversion rotation: it turned itself outside-in. As a result a cavitation occurred within which plasma gas discharge took place: Cosmic Gas, which is a large cloud of ions. Within them charge discharges take place equilibrating charges and calibrating balance. The Cosmic Lightning (Quetzalcoatl) of Charge Discharge leads to locations where the lines of lightning balance: the location of Ball Lightning that we know as the Stars. Each of the Stars is positioned on precise points of energy balance. They can be compared to the nodes of a Charge Discharge network. They are points of manifestation of Dynamic Balance in Creation. Around these nodes of Balance, spin off's take place as a result of which there are more planets in the universe to be counted than stars: every Star is likely to have multiple planets as is the case for the Sun.

Anthropogenesis describes how conscious life forms, i.a. humans, emerged. Minerals merged with water to form plants, then merged with air to form animals, then merged with light to form sentient being. In each development phase, a new dimensional system emerged. Earth, Water, Air and Light combined in such a way that Light (information) could integrated the ionic balance (Gas - regulation) to co-ordinate the (Fluid) process dynamics, by which the (Solid) manifestation of our body is maintained. What we know as our body is not a physical object, but a metaphysical subject. The integration of information in a living being determines the system integration, which determines the processing of Physiology, which leads to the Anatomical structure.

Religion describes how throughout this process of manifestation (Cosmogenesis and Anthropogenesis) one fundamental trait always stood central and is always maintained: the relationship between the part and the whole. (analytical) science addresses our (left brain) ability for differentiation by which we can make distinctions (Spencer Brown). (Integral) religion addresses our (right brain) ability to operate synthesis by which we can have the experience of oneness. Books like Bhagavad-Gita (great song = one song = uni verse) describe the way our (fore brain) ability for specification (Arjuna) is based on our (rear brain) ability for integration (Krishna).

Bridging science and religion

Where science addressed the nature of physicality, religion addressed the physicality of nature. Religion describes the coherence of the principles of manifestation. Science described the coherence of products of manifestation. Both descriptions are needed in order to be able to address the physics and phasics (metaphysics) alike; to be able to relate Objectivity to Subjectivity (on which it is based) and to unify analysis with synthesis (in our mental realisation). The conclusions of both science and religion are the same: Reality is a Realisation.
(A word of caution: religion is not the same as churches. Religions are different forms of the same essence, that the uniVerse is one integral process, of which everything we know is a manifestation. Every object is thereby expression of the same universal coherence.
Churches however debate the differences in manifestation, and accentuate the differences in form and thereby come to argue about the differences in forms without realising that they are expressions of the same process. Church has become a into political organisation for social manipulation. Religion is a personal realisation of the oneness of all being(s). The difference involved is of the same nature as the topic addressed in this paper: the relationship between Energy Forms and Energy Transforms; in which the two are related)

Energy Forms
Every manifestation in the uniVerse is part of the integral process. Minute variations in relations can lead to seemingly stark differences in form of manifestation. The difference however is small as is easily seen in the concept of the Fractal: a minute change in relation leads to a drastic change in manifestation. The minute difference in organisation of relation (in the fractal) are based on changes in the context. In the universe balance is of the essence. It compensates for the offset in universal expression (of the underlying large scale flow dynamics). As a result the same principles of creation operate in different contexts, due to which minute differences in context can lead to major differences in manifestation.

Energy Transforms
All energy forms are energy transforms. The local energy expressions manifest - sometimes materialise - the difference in context. Yet always the manifestation of forms is a materialisation of energy transforms. The energy processes differ in each different context; yet each context is yet again a form of energy transform. This is more easily seen in the gaseous form: in the clouds we see the same process dynamics (though larger, and quicker) as wee see in the oceans, as we see in the earth. The processes that we see on a cloudy day are the same as those that are unseen on a day without clouds. Occultism, and mathematical science, developed the craft of mental abstraction by which the seen forms are used to look for the unseen processes which led to their manifestation. ("Occultism" comes from a Latin word and indicates: to look for what is hidden (behind the forms that you see.)

Body Forms
These principles are easiest seen in our own body. We all have a physical body. We all experience the effect of processing information. In our body the two are combined. Everything physical, in our body, is also a form of information. The molecules by which the cells communicate are also the materials by which they forms their own structure. Cells are not objects but living entities. If compared to computer, then each has the ability to process information and matter, and compose its own new structure. Unlike man-made computers, living beings (thus cells) are based on the integration of Freedom of Choice in matter. Body forms are base on the synergy between cells, due to which the freedom of choice in the cell is expressed as the quality of life in our whole body.

Body Formation
The manifestation of our body is not limited to what medicine describes as our body. It is a condensation our of an earlier highly more dynamic embryonic form, in which processes determine the overall coherence. This embryonic phase does not end when the foetus is formed. The foetus van be compared to the effects of the Earth Crust, that cover the underlying still fluid planet - which is still part of the Sun, this part of a drop of the cosmic cloud with which the manifestation of the uniVerse has begun. In our body the "Tectonic Plates" are internalised within the structure, due to which our body has tangible form. Our skeleton is an example: a carapace around our brain, ribs around our lungs, a grail under our pelvis and a rod behind the belly. Every form in the body is result of a (dynamic) form of body formation.

Four Forms of Energy
It is necessary to discern four forms of energy. The energy of the falling apple has been describe by Newton. The same calculations are used to shoot cannons, launch satellites, and understand the orbits of planets. The second form of energy is seen on food products: the labels show: the amount of minerals and substances, that it contained; and the amount of 'energy' it contains for combustion. The third form of energy is the effect the eating (of e.g. an apple) has on our body: how the eyes, ears, tongue and nose help prime the digestive system to be able to digest the apple, and how much energy it takes to do this. The fourth type of energy is the memory of the apple. It is based on the information that the apple contributed to the body: in the apple we acquire a 'holographic' image of the tree of the apple, and the context it stood in. Food informs our body of our context.

Four Forms of Science
In our cultural evolution we have already come to see the emergence of four forms of science: Classical science studied the nature of matter, and thereby created models of inert (dead) objects. this now is known as Object-ive science. Relativistic science regarded process dynamics. This offer the kind of considerations that are needed to understand molecular dynamics. Probabilistic science, Quantum Theory, regarded energy transformation. This vas based on the study of electron orbits in atoms, and the possibility for atoms to (quantum) leap from one orbit to another. (It was found that these electron jumps were related to photon leaps: the local changes in an atom are thereby linked to non-local leaps of photons. Every stable physical object is associated with a coherent light field.) Information science, Field Theory, now has emerged to address the nature of subatomic matter, where physics needs to be replaced by metaphysics, and matter needs to be understood in terms of information.

Four forms of Force
Science has come to describe what is known as the Four Fundamental Forces (Strong, Weal, vd Waal’s and gravitation). In fact these four forces are one and the same. Mysticism described them as the four phases of god; which now we can call the four phases of manifestation. The seeming difference between these four forms of manifestation, of four forces of physics, pertain to the differences in co-ordination (logic), thus integration (love) into the context, as a result of differences in participation (consciousness) in realisation (health). Where physics describes these four forces as if external to us, and churches have interpreted the four phased of god as beyond us, they all operate within us: they are the four phases of (phase) manifestation, and experienced within us.

Four Forms of Medicine
In our body we experience them as Anatomy, Physiology, Neurocrine regulation and Psycho-Immunology (in reversed order). They operate at (in reversed order) conscious, subconscious, unconscious and out of conscious levels. They are based on (in reversed order) the cells, organs, body, and our being part of humanity (and our context). They are addressed by (respectively) Shamanism, Acupuncture, Ayurveda and Somatic Medicine. Somatic medicine addresses the physical aspects of our anatomic body. Ayurveda is but one example of the forms of healing that address the physiology of the processes of the body. Acupuncture is but one example of the forms of healing that interact with the body (self)regulation system. Shamanism is but one example of the forms of healing which make use of the fact that reality is a realisation, and that body integrity is based on the principle of information integration


Our body shows that our being is based on the manifestation of information. What is seen in cosmogenesis and described in anthropogenesis is experienced in our body. The four forms of physics (energy forms) are in fact four modes of phasics (energy transforms), which depend on our involvement. Reality is a Realisation: in our body we experience the integration of information with matter. The views of physics (object-ivity) and religion (subjective-ity) both apply. In our daily living we operate both and sometimes confuse them. There are four forms of healing available to de-confuse our issues: the physical form of somatic medicine, the process guidance of e.g. Ayurveda, the regulation correction by e.g. Acupuncture, and the review of (self) realisation by e.g. Shamanism.

Each of the four forms of healing - like the four forces of physics, is but part of the picture. To understand how they can be used, and why they can best be combined, requires insight in our body. Any form of healing can be effective only to the extent that it is understood by the body (not the other way around). Our body shows that all four aspects are fundamental to our being, and the incarnation of freedom of choice in or body by the integration of information in manifestation. We need to understand both Energy Transforms (states) and Energy Transformation (processes) in order to understand how our body is simultaneously an object and a process, matter and information, object and subject,, entity and part of the universe as a whole.


Lynn Margulis
Bruce Lipton

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